World Tree Wellness   Nathan Walsh, N.D. 

3711 NE 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98105

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Why World Tree Wellness


A tree symbolizes strength and protection, a comforting presence with deep roots that connect all earth.

A tree is a powerful force able to transmute water, light, and air into magical beauty.

The Word Tree is a reference to the Norse tree Yggdrasil that connects the different worlds. The branches and roots reach up and protect the world.

At World Tree Wellness I blend the protective nature of the branches of the tree with the deep roots of naturopathic traditions. Connecting the different worlds of medicine, I create a healing space where all can feel safe and welcome.

My integrative approach includes botanicals, supplements, pharmaceuticals and physical medicine combined with proactive prevention and optimal diet.

Together, we will develop a personal wellness plan to improve your quality of life.